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SkyVac®️ Dust Bags (Pack of 5)

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All Dust Bag Packs are sold as a set of 5 dust bags for the SkyVac.

Please select your style from the drop down list.

  • SkyVac®️ 78 "Cloth" Style - Disposable
  • SkyVac®️ 30 "Cloth" Style - Disposable
  • SkyVac®️ Atom "Cloth" Style - Disposable
  • SkyVac®️ 27 "Cloth" Style - Disposable

 The "cloth" style is a high quality soft cloth material and very flexible. These tend to hold more debris and are a larger size than standard paper style bags. These bags are disposable.

Sorry we do not currently offer a "washable" style dust bag.

We recommend changing your filter once or twice a year, depending on usage, to keep your machine in top working order.

This filter is easy to fit and replace yourself and helps to keep the inside of your machine free from dust.

It filters out the finer dust and dirt particles, and keeps your machine performing at its best.

Key Features:

  • Compatible with the SkyVac® 78, 30, 27 & Traditional Atom
  • For internal cleaning
  • Protects your machine and keeps it running smoothly
Included Items

5 x SkyVac®️ Filter Dust Bags