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  • Equipment Leasing
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    Option 1 icon Buy Now Pay Over Time

    What is it?

    BNPL arrangements are point-of-sale installment loans that allow consumers to make purchases and pay for them at a future date.

    How it works:

    • Convenient and easy-to-apply online, instant approval
    • Typically easier to get approved for than traditional credit cards or lines of credit
    • Choose four biweekly, interest-free payments
    • Up to 12 months financing with interest
    • Does not normally affect your credit score, unless late or no payments

     Choose:  Shop Pay Installments at checkout, then choose installments under payment options. Minimum purchase is $50 USD.

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    Option 2 Logo Equipment Leasing

    What is it?

    An equipment lease is a contractual agreement between a leasing company (who owns the equipment)  and the lessee who wants to use the equipment for a specific period in exchange for set payments. In some cases the lease allows the lessee to purchase the equipment at the end of the term with a balloon payment or $1 buyout.

    How it Works

    • Easy to apply online, approvals are instant or may take a few hours
    • Typically 12, 24, 36 & 48 month lease terms offered
    • First payment made up front
    • Surrender equipment at end of lease or buyout

    Click the logo to apply.

    CWB National Leasing

    Option 3 logo Traditional Bank Financing

    Please reach out to your local bank for credit union to discuss business or personal financing options.


    Sometimes the leasing process can be a bit confusing. Here's a step-by-step list of how it works:

    1. Customer submits leasing application online with their preferred leasing company
    2. Lease application is reviewed and approved/disapproved usually between 1-12 hours. Each leasing company has different response times.
    3. Sometimes there are minor stipulations to the lease approval. (Example: Proof of business. Clean Direct / leasing company will request this info from the applicant.)
    4. Clean Direct sends equipment quote based upon customer's needs. We can include equipment, services, training and shipping costs if needed.
    5. Customer confirms quote is correct.
    6. Clean Direct / leasing company will send terms & rates choices to customer who makes final decision (rate is determined by # of months)
    7. Clean Direct / leasing company sends lease documents to customer for review & signature. This is typically e-sign, electronic documents.
    8. Customer sets up payment method with leasing company
    9. Leasing company sends lease authorization and approval to Clean Direct to ship
    10. Clean Direct prepares shipment and releases once lease is funded. Freight shipments are checked & double-checked for accuracy, wrapped, strapped and palletized. Pickup is scheduled
    11. Shipping company picks up load and transports to customer.
    12. Customer inspects pallet for damages and signs off on receipt of delivery.
    13. Customer verifies receipt of equipment with leasing company