Apply For Lease

There are multiple leasing options available; all of these specialize in the cleaning industry.  If you would like to learn about the Advantages of Leasing click here. Apply online by clicking on one of the links below:



  • TimePayment Leasing

  • If you are just getting started or need to build your credit then TimePayment is a good choice. They work with a variety of credit scores.

 Clicklease logo- Lease financing at Clean Direct

  • ClickLease

  • If you are just getting started or need to build your credit then Clicklease is a good choice. They work with a variety of credit scores, including those who have seen some challenges from other lending sources.

First Western Equipment Finance Logo

  • First Western Equipment Finance

  • A division of First Western Bank & Trust, FWEF is a good choice for those with established credit. They are a bank-affiliated lender.

AZTEC Leasing

  • Aztec Financial Leasing

  • Getting their start in the carpet cleaning industry and eventually branching out to a broad range of equipment financing, Aztec is a good choice for established credit customers

LVLup Financial

  • LvLuP Solutions

  • LvLuP Solutions is a full-service broker. If you need expert advice on equipment financing or are finding it challenging to get connected to the right leasing company, LvLuP has multiple financing source relationships and can work to handhold you through the whole process.



CWB National Leasing


Sometimes the leasing process can be a bit confusing. Here's a step-by-step list of how it works:

  1. Customer submits leasing application online with their preferred leasing company
  2. Lease application is reviewed and approved/disapproved usually between 1-12 hours. Each leasing company has different response times.
  3. Sometimes there are minor stipulations to the lease approval. (Example: Proof of business. Clean Direct / leasing company will request this info from the applicant.)
  4. Clean Direct sends equipment quote based upon customer's needs. We can include equipment, services, training and shipping costs if needed.
  5. Customer confirms quote is correct.
  6. Clean Direct / leasing company will send terms & rates choices to customer who makes final decision (rate is determined by # of months)
  7. Clean Direct / leasing company sends lease documents to customer for review & signature. This is typically e-sign, electronic documents.
  8. Customer sets up payment method with leasing company
  9. Leasing company sends lease authorization and approval to Clean Direct to ship
  10. Clean Direct prepares shipment and releases once lease is funded. Freight shipments are checked & double-checked for accuracy, wrapped, strapped and palletized. Pickup is scheduled
  11. Shipping company picks up load and transports to customer.
  12. Customer inspects pallet for damages and signs off on receipt of delivery.
  13. Customer verifies receipt of equipment with leasing company