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SkyVac® Wire Reinforced Vacuum Hose (You Choose)

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Hardworking & Hardwearing - it's lighter, sturdier and less prone to kinks than previous styles.

The robust, yet lightweight build of the 2" (50-51mm) wire reinforced suction hose is an ideal companion for your SkyVac® gutter vacuum. Engineered to withstand the rigors of gutter cleaning, the wire framework creates a smoother passageway for debris, to minimize blockages, improve air circulation and deliver faster results.

Available in 24 ft (7.5m) size.

Also if you need to connect two hoses together to create a longer hose run then see our Hose-to-Hose Connector for SkyVac® 85 and Interceptor.


Wire Reinforced Hose Preview from Spinaclean on Vimeo.


Included Items

1 x Wire Reinforced Hose approximately 24 ft

If you need a Hose to Drum Cuff go here.

If you need a Hose to Pole Cuff go here.

  • Length: 24ft (7.5m)
  • Diameter: 50-51mm
  • Weight: 3.5oz (400g) per 3ft 4in (1m)
  • 24 ft = 5lb 8oz

Not suitable: for the 1.5in (38mm) Vacuum Port found on the traditional, push fit pole version of the SkyVac®️ Atom, Internal 27, & Internal 30

Suitable: for the 2" (50mm) Vacuum Port found on the SkyVac®️ Mighty Atom Clamped Version, Commercial,  Industrial 85,  Internal 78 & Interceptor