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SkyVac® Soap Dispenser Inline

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The SkyVac® Soap Dispenser is used to transfer detergent or soapy water directly through your water fed pole directly to facias, soffits and windows.

Compact and lightweight, simply twist the switch on the dispenser to allow your preferred choice of cleaning detergent to feed through your water fed pole for thorough cleaning of soiled surfaces. See instructions below for how to connect.

*Multi Purpose Detergent not included


  • Easy to connect and refill
  • Adjustable control

How to connect:

  • Fill the soap dispenser with detergent (sold separately)
  • Attach the end of the hose reel to the Soap dispenser (on/off switch side)
  • Connect your fly lead from your water fed pole to the opposite end of the soap dispenser
  • Twist the switch on the dispenser to 'soap' to allow detergent or soapy water to feed through to your water fed pole


Included Items

1 x Soap Dispenser