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SkyVac®️ Curved Pipe Brush for Internal Vacuuming (You Choose)

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Available in two separate sized options, 4in or 8in (100mm or 200mm), these curved brushes are ideal for vacuuming dust from high level ducts and pipes. Simply attach to the SkyVac® 1.75" (44mm) suction poles using a tool holder (sold separately) for effective dust clearance of curved surfaces.

High reach pipes and ducting are usually out-of-reach for traditional cleaning methods, but these brushes paired with our SkyVac® Suction Poles make easy work of it.

These brushes are available in two sizes: the small brush is designed for 4in (100mm) ducting and piping, and the large brush is for 8in (200mm) piping and ducting.

Key Features:

  • 4in or 8in (100mm or 200mm) size
  • For high reach pipes and ducts
  • Compatible with the 1.75in (44mm) SkyVac® Suction Poles
Included Items

1 x Half Round Vac Brush of your choice 4" or 8"

  • Small brush measuring 4in (100mm)
  • Large brush measuring 8in (200mm)
  • Material: carbon fiber and nylon bristles