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SkyVac®️ Elite Dirt Breaker Tool (You Choose)

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SkyVac®️ offers a wide variety of end attachments for gutter cleaning. These two lengths of aluminum dirt breaker tools are designed to break up compact debris. The longer style is used to reach further into the down spout.

The standard dirt breaker will serve your everyday gutter cleaning needs for chopping up heavy, compacted debris. The slanted aluminum end efficiently breaks through dirt and turf making for an easy removal.

The long dirt breaker is designed for commercial sized gutters and for the reaching into the downspout.

Please Note: The Elite Pole and Rigid Neck attachment shown are for illustration purposes only and are not included with this item.


Included Items

You choose either 1 x standard dirt breaker or 1 x long dirt breaker

  • Daily Length is 12" (304mm)
  • Long Length is 17" (430mm)