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SkyVac®️ Internal Carbon Fiber Tool Holders (You Choose)

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Available in three separate angled options (65°, 90°, or 155° degrees), these carbon fiber Internal Tool Holders are perfect for accessing high-level cleaning projects.

From hard to reach overhead beams through to angled corners, each tool holder is compatible with the 1.75in (44mm) diameter SkyVac® Suction Poles.

These Carbon Fiber Tool Holders enable high level internal cleaning to be thoroughly carried out; by offering cleaning at different angles, this offers easier access to hard to reach places when cleaning at a height.

Please choose between three different cleaning angles: 65°, 90°, or 155° degree tool holders for optimum cleaning and customized reach.

Key Features:

  • Compatible with 1.75in (44mm) diameter SkyVac® Suction Poles
  • Strong carbon fiber material
  • A choice between 65°, 90°, and 155° degrees
  • Tapered neck to accommodate 1.2in (32mm) diameter end tools.
Included Items:

Your choice of:

  • 1 x carbon fiber tool holder (65° cleaning angle)
  • 1 x carbon fiber tool holder (90° cleaning angle)
  • 1 x carbon fiber tool holder (155° cleaning angle)
  • 3 x Carbon fiber neck angles. (65° Degrees / 90° Degrees / 155° Degrees)
  • Base Neck fits Inside (male into female) the 1.75in (44mm) SkyVac® Suction Poles
  • Top Neck fits inside 1.3in (32mm) diameter tool