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SkyVac®️ Flexi Neck Tool Holders (You Choose)

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The SkyVac® Flexi Neck Tool Holders are ideal for high access projects where having some bend in the holder becomes an asset. They attach securely to the 1.75in (44mm) SkyVac® Suction Poles.

They hold a wide range of end tools for high level cleaning and allow for a more versatile and customizable cleaning.

Please choose the style that you need.

They come in 3 different angled styles:

  • 90° Bend
  • 135° Bend
  • 180° Bend

We also offer a tapered style vs. a non-tapered style to suit certain sizes of tools. If you you are unsure of the style you need please contact us .

Please Note: SkyVac® 44mm suction poles and end tools are sold separately.

Flexi Tool Holders come in different styles:

  • Gutter Cleaning - Tapered For Plastic Tools - 1.75" (44mm) Inner Diameter on tapered end, 2" (50mm) Inner Diameter on other end
  • Gutter Cleaning - 2" (50mm) on both sides 
  • High Ceiling Cleaning - For Cleaning Brushes - 1.75" (44mm) Inner Diameter on both ends

The 2" Silicone Flexi Tools can be adapted to the Elite Pole Set by using the Carbon Fiber Spigot Adapter.

Included Items

1 x 90°, 135°or 180° Flexi Neck Tool Holder based upon your choice.

  • 1.75in (44mm) diameter
  • 90°, 135°, 180° Angle
  • Material: Silicone