"Amazing - a Joy To Use"

"Amazing - a Joy To Use"

"The SkyVac extractors are a joy to use, they move easily, are strong, very well made and tip to empty.

The camera system although more than the original I purchased. Actually works and works very well. It has a good battery life, is very stable and the whole thing feels and looks very professional as many of my customers tell me.

If you are deciding on a gutter cleaning system but are put off by the cost and are tempted by cheaper systems please remember the saying you get what you pay for.

The SkyVac system will easily pay for itself so much quicker. We have found that we can on average fit in an extra 1 -2 jobs a day thanks to the speed and ease of use of the SkyVac. This is because you can change the poles and heads in a matter of seconds, whereas with the alloy poles you have to tighten every clip every time you change something and this takes so much longer, not to mention the extra strain on you back.

The after sales service of SkyVac has been first rate as well and I cannot rate them highly enough as a company."

Mr Duffield

Gutter Force

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